Magic Research Journal

The Magic Research Journal



There was a time when the sea flew higher than the heavens and the fires raged beneath the earth. It was a time when the world was far from perfect, far from now.


But what am I saying, you could not possibly understand this. You would not even begin to know of its significance. Small creatures you are, blinded by the now, unable to see to neither past nor future. If more people looked to the future I would not be in the state that I am now. How detestable.


But I guess that you could not help your nature.


I was like you once, blinded. Only after countless ordeals was I freed from the cycle of ignorance. Yet even with my newfound knowledge it still wasn’t enough. Alone I am not enough. Maybe if I tell you – maybe if I tell you a story you will come to the same realization as I.


Maybe then your life will have some worth.


So will you listen? Will you take a chance for your life to have meaning? For your life to make a change?






The man tells of a story, the story of a boy. A boy wrapped in tragedy and adventure, in trust and betrayal, in loss and gain, in truth and deceit.


Most of all he tells the story of the boy’s life.


At the end of it all, what has he gained?

At the end of it all, what will you gain?


Ch.1 – Significance of Color

Ch.2 – A Mother’s Love

Ch.3 – A Mother’s Promise

Ch.4 – A Father’s Words

Ch.5 –