The Spire ToC


Trash. Burden. Murderer.

Those are the words that Ren uses to describe himself. Blaming himself for the accident that cost him his friend he constantly punishes himself, withdrawing from human contact.

Burdened with the guilt, his heavy heart has shackled him, and yet for his sins he wishes for those shackles to tighten, choking him, searching for repentance.

Years later he finds repentance in the chance to fulfill his last promise with his friend.

He finds his chance in the Spire.

A world where the laws of reality are slowly being broken. The boundary of dreams and reality has weakened, nightmares walk the land.

The destiny of souls have been revealed and become unstable, souls unable to pass on to the next world, Death has failed to take with her all the essence that is a person to pass on. Destruction lies uncontrolled and Delight dwindles slowly breaking and disappearing from the world.

In this world only where Desire and Despair grow strong. Heroes from beyond the boundary of worlds have been called to recover the land from the overrun monsters, rediscover civilization and right the wrongs that have unbalanced the laws of the world.

He ventures into the spire and the unknown new world to fulfill his promise, made long ago, but never forgotten. Will he be able to do it? To wash away his sins? To break away the chains that hold down his heavy heart?

 He is but a drop in the anarchy of the raging, clashing seas. Will he be swallowed by the waves of others or will he become the ripple that washes all others away?

We shall see…

– – – -xXx- – – –

Author’s notes:

If you have any complaints well then I’m sorry to tell you but The Lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a sheep XD

I’m kidding lol, maybe shhh.

Soul Container

1 Memories

2 Dex

3 The Spire

4 Ren

5 Family Issues

6 Guild

7 Gifts

8 Preparation

9 The Nature of Magic

The Offer Refused

11 Assigned Companions

Shingeki no…rats?

13 Nightmare Unending

14 Impending Crisis

15 The Blinding Greed

16 Misfortune and Intrusion

17 Desperation

18 Allen

19 A Lone Loner

20 Escape the Quarry

21 An Old Friend?

22 Cornered

23 Speech < Massacre

24 The Goal

25 Awakening

26 Elite King Dragon Slayer

27 Casul

28 Hex Blade

29 Budding Genius

30 Guild Wars

31 Inside the Box

32 Forest Fire

33 Awe

34 Serpent in the Bottle

35 The Heavy Heart

Possesion, pain and playthings

36 Aneira and Biscuit

The False Son

Slumbering Demon

City of Despair

The Lonely Castle

She Who Desires

He Who Challenges Fate

The Arena

Country of Walls

Price of Greed

Returning Prince

The True Soul Containers

The Forbidden Emperor

Queen of Cups

Breaking Heaven

Black Rain

^^^^Only made detailed plans for this many Arcs^^^^^

Later plans are less detailed